e-books  - information for Victorian Public Libraries

Here are some recent papers on e-books in Libraries which will be useful for any library thinking of setting up an e-book collection:

ALIA PLAC Public Libraries, eBooks and Elending, Survey Results 2013

ALIA eLending Landscape Report, 2014

CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, UK) briefing on e-books, 2012

CILIP full submission to a government review of e-books

 Paper by Janice Van de Velde- State Library of Victoria - for the Library Board of Victoria

 Paper by Anita Catoggio for Yarra-Plenty Regional Library Board

Paper by Sandra Jeffries for West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation Board

This blog post includes information presented at a RAIS meeting on 26 May 2011.

An article by Pat Losinski, CEO of Columbus Metropolitan Library: click here to read

Amazon has announced that Kindle books will be made available for loan through libraries.  This only applies to the USA at present and there are many unanswered questions.  See this post from the Librarian in Black.



PLVN is looking at options for consortium purchasing of e-books for Victorian Public Libraries.