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Libraries Change Lives

Victorian public libraries change lives by offering communities a place to learn, create and belong.

Libraries are evolving

 Collections are more accessible because they’re physical, digital and mobile. They include books, journals, newspapers and magazine, music and movies, tablets and laptops.But collections are just part of the story…..


Libraries are

 Online classrooms | Playgroups | Social clubs | Art galleries | Theatres | Streaming services | Recording  studios | Study desks | Boardrooms | Lecture halls | Lounge rooms | Science labs


Libraries deliver essential services to all Victorians

 No other institution offers the same safe and inclusive public spaces with free and equal life-changing access to art, ideas, education and social engagement.

To view the Libraries Change Lives State Government budget submission

Social Seniors

Social Media & Digital Storytelling for Seniors

Social Seniors is a series of practical workshops designed to be delivered by libraries to build confidence in older Victorians to embrace technology and enjoy the benefits of digital life.  The program provides real-life skills that will help seniors explore new interests, meet new people and stay connected, while addressing concerns about online safety and privacy.

Inclusive Practices in Public Libraries

Children presenting with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have different learning needs and can experience anxiety at traditional Storytimes, not coping with the environment and enacting behaviour that is often a symptom of them not managing with various aspects such as the noise or the variation in routine.


Accordingly, libraries have looked for an alternative – Inclusive Storytimes. 

Statewide Public Library Development Projects 2017-20

Information about upcoming projects

There are 3 SWPLD projects for 2017-20

  • Advocate

  • Learn & Lead

  • Read

Libraries After Dark

Libraries will be open late to provide a safe, welcoming space for the community to connect and participate in free activities in the evening.​

Victorian Tech Savvy Seniors

Victorian Tech Savvy Seniors is  designed to give older people, particularly those located in regional and rural areas of Victoria, the opportunity to develop skills to use technology for socialising, accessing important services, or conducting personal business. 

Statewide Public Library Development Projects 2014-17

The 3 SWPLD projects for 2014-17:

  • Lead & Learn

  • Memory

  • Read

Statewide Public Library Development Projects - past

Shared Leadership reports

The Shared Leadership Program is one of the State Library / Public Libraries Victoria Statewide Public Library Development Projects.

A list of projects from past participants can be found here.

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