CREATIVE COMMUNITIES The cultural benefits of Victoria’s public libraries. 2014

Creative Communities completes a trilogy of major research reports from the State Library of Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network about the breadth, depth and impact on the whole community of services offered by the modern public library. While Libraries Building Communities (2005) and Dollars, Sense and Public Libraries (2011) focussed on the social contribution and economic value of public libraries, Creative Communities focusses on the cultural benefits that public libraries deliver to their communities.


The report highlights the important (and often under recognised) range of activities undertaken by Victoria’s public libraries that produce specifically cultural benefits, which community members may not otherwise access.

Victorian Public Libraries: Our Future, Our Skills Research Report. 2014

The research study Victorian public libraries: Our future, our skills represents a key part of the program of Statewide Public Library Development Projects delivered by the State Library of Victoria between 2011 and 2014 in partnership with Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN), the peak body for Victoria’s 47 public library services.


The overarching objectives of this project were:

• to develop a framework to articulate the core competencies required by the public library workforce for the 21st century

• to conduct a skills audit of Victorian public library staff in order to collect evidence of the current skills and to anticipate future skills requirements

• to deliver a report that analyses the audit findings and makes recommendations on training needs and strategies to prepare for the future delivery of public library services in Victoria.

Victorian Public Libraries 2030 Strategic Framework. 2013

What will a Victorian public library look like in 2030? Will Victorian society and community needs have changed dramatically? How can our public libraries continue to be transformative and significant to their communities?


These big questions have no easy answers, but are central to designing a road map for the future of Victorian public libraries, along with the directions and signposts to guide our way there. The Victorian Public Libraries 2030 project is an opportunity to look beyond traditional two- or five-year planning cycles and to consider how we can best prepare our individual library services and, more broadly, the Victorian public library network for the future.

Internet and PC usage in Victorian public libraries. 2012

In 2010 a US study, called Opportunity for all: how the American public benefits from internet access at US libraries, examined who uses the internet and personal computers (PCs) in public libraries, what tasks they perform, and the benefits of free access to computers, the internet and related services.


Inspired by this study, the State Library of Victoria (SLV) and Public Libraries Victoria Network (PLVN) undertook a similar but smaller study of internet and PC usage in Victorian public libraries. The Internet and PC usage in Victorian public libraries study found that effective participation in contemporary society is increasingly reliant on an individual’s capacity to communicate, access information, access government and business services, and learn – online. For people of all ages, it is becoming harder to get by without reliable internet access and good computer and information skills.

DOLLARS, SENSE AND PUBLIC LIBRARIES Technical Report The landmark study of the socio-economic value of Victorian public libraries. 2012

This project has three high-level objectives:

1. Expand the understanding of the value of public libraries to the communities that they serve.

2. Provide public library managers with tools for assessing the value of specific library services.

3. Equip public library managers with advocacy materials to ensure future funding decisions are best advocated.


This Technical Report summarises the processes used and results generated in accordance with the first objective. It documents the value of public libraries to the Victorian community, building on a review of methods and results generated both nationally and internationally, plus the significant research effort employed as part of this project. Recommendations under objectives 2 and 3 are made, however, the tools and advocacy materials themselves are provided separately

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