Victorian Tech Savvy Seniors is a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services, Telstra Corporation and PLVN.  The program provides funding (DHHS and Telstra) for delivery of the training in English and in a number of languages other than English with the administration of the program by PLVN.


Victorian Tech Savvy Seniors is designed to give older people, particularly those located in regional and rural areas of Victoria, the opportunity to develop skills to use technology for socialising, accessing important services, or conducting personal business. From July 2016, 11 library services will cater to Victorians with multicultural backgrounds by providing training in Languages Other than English (LOTE). 


Victorian Tech Savvy Seniors is providing funding and support to more than 40 libraries and other community partners to deliver training to multicultural communities and to regional and rural areas of Victoria. It is doing this by giving seniors access to a series of free online educational training resources and self-teach videos and making training videos (on DVDs) available for loan through libraries across Victoria.

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